So far it has certainly been a quiet year for Prettymess, but rest assured that things are going to start picking up again, with the band working on the next bunch of songs for the next album, and rehearsing these songs for live shows. As soon as we have more info on gig dates, prettymess.com is the place to find out - and there will be shows before the year is over!

As promised, Magneto will be doing a Melbourne launch for the album "Resistance is Futile" at the Rob Roy in Fitzroy on Saturday July 15th. See you there...

The debut album "Resistance is Futile" from Magneto finally hit the shelves in your fave record shop (thru Popboomerang Records). Magneto will be launching this album real soon, so stay tuned for details. Also, keep an ear out for the single "Shooting Star" on SYN Radio 90.7 Melbourne.

01/05/06 - 2006 UPDATE
So far this year it has been a quiet year for the band - we've been spending a little bit of time working on some new songs & sounds for the next album, (which will be recorded this year), as well as taking a little break. Prettymess will also be taking some time out from live shows, but fear not, later in the year we will be hitting the stages around Melbourne and beyond with a fresh bunch of tunes, and more. Our little side project Magneto will be playing around the place a bit, so check out www.magnetoband.net for all the info you need about that.

16/12/05 - 2005 THE YEAR IN REVIEW

Well, here we are at the end of another year.
2005 saw the release of our debut album Greyscale Broadcast on Shock Records, something we are immensely proud of completing.
We’ve played in many towns and cities throughout Victoria, NSW, South Australia and Tasmania and teamed up with some great bands including Killing Heidi, Switchfoot, Dave McCormack, The Fauves, Betchadupa, Faker, Thirsty Merc and many others.

So, to wrap up 2005…
Best gig: Full house at the Hi Fi Bar supporting Switchfoot (USA). Possibly the nicest, most professional and engaging band we've played with. Our drummer of the hour (Toby) was so inspired by their hospitality, he accepted the offer to tour the States with US rockers Veruca Salt (bastard!!:)).
Best Tour: Killing Heidi. We were asked to join the tour only 5 days before the first date, so after some delicate negotiations, Pauly managed to organise leave from his day job and we were on the road!
Best Venue: The Forum is amazing, the Hi-Fi Bar is respectable, but the cake goes to the Republic Bar in Hobart. It’s only a 300 capacity venue decked out with a vocal PA, but with open fires, friendly people, warm relaxing atmosphere, great food and wonderful staff, it’s the local pub we’ve never had at home.
Most awkward moment: Ryan locking himself out of his hotel room in Launceston at 4am and having to sleep in Sensy's bed. (what goes on the road stays on the road.)
Prettymess quotes for 2005
"My arm isn't broken anymore, so I can play rock again!" (Pauly, December)
"Its a win-win situation." (Ryan, January)
"Hmmmm." (Johnny, November)
"I'll just have the salad." (Sensy, February)
"How awkward!" (Geoff Barnes, June)
"Sorry fellas, I'm going to America to join Veruca Salt." (Toby Lang, October)

Thanks go out to our crew who have helped us out so much this year. Rohan, Kelton, Kieran, Mel, Denny, John H, Smasha, Teddy and Phil. Our multitude of fill-in drummers, (anyone seen Sensy lately?), Gee-off, Toby, Geoffrey, and Davey. Everyone who has supported us this year by buying the album, coming to our shows, voting for our tunes on the radio, uploading mp3’s to the net so other people don’t have to pay for them (hang on??).
We've met some great people, played with some great bands, had heaps of fun and plan to do it all again in 2006 after a short break and recording our new album. J,R,P & S.

16/12/05 - LAST SHOW FOR 2005
The last Prettymess gig for 2005 will be Friday 23rd December at the HiFi Bar with Motorace. It will be Motorace's last show ever, so come on down to be part of a pretty special occasion. Unlike the 'Aces, the 'Mess will be back in 2006 with a new sound, new songs, a new rekkid, and some surprises too. Thanks to all who helped make 2005 a pretty special year for us, we couldn't have done it without the help of all those who have supported us. That includes everyone who came to the shows, those who handed us our guitars and helped load our gear in & out of venues, those who helped with booking gigs, those who filled in on drums, those who helped us with the website, those who helped us with lights, sound & other gear, those who took pics & video, those who bought our CD's, those who sang along to "Rescue Me" from the back of the Republic Bar in Hobart, and everyone else who has given us a hand in 2005.

03/12/05 - PICS UPDATE
Our pics page is up and running again after our site was recently shifted to a server in the States. Glad to say we can get back to exposing ourselves warts and all via our latest escapades. All photos from our weekend in the snow at Dinner Plain are courtesy of attending partners. Some nice pics taken over 2 gigs (shot on a video camera!) from PM stage tech Rohan Draper at the HiFi Bar supporting US band Switchfoot. You'll also see our fill in drummer Toby Lang who is currently in America touring with Veruca Salt. We're looking for punters pics from any of our gigs, digital or mobile... we'll post 'em! Just email them to: johnny@prettymesss.com

Prettymess will be out of action for the next few weeks because we have discovered that playing bass can be extremely difficult with a broken collar bone. Yep, that what happened to Pauly last Sunday when he crashed his mountain bike (George W Bush style) during a race in Ballarat. Before this moment, Pauly had always been a firm believer that Rock'n'Roll & sport do mix, however since this event he has been reminded otherwise by Johnny & Ryan. This debate is yet to be resolved. Anyway, all gigs are still on, but it will be a quiet time until then. How awkward.

12/11/05 - MAGNETO
What do you get when you combine Johnny & Pauly from Prettymess, Mikey Snowball on guitar (from Groundswell), Geoff Barnes on drums (was in P76), and a few little pop ditty's?
Well you get Magneto - a little side project that maybe is a little bit bigger than a little side project.(?) At least it will keep us fellas off the streets and on the stage while Prettymess takes a little rest before the release of a new album in 2006. Magneto will be also releasing an album "Resistance is Futile", in February 2006 on Pop Boomerang Records, but before then the band will be releasing a single, "Let it Go". For more info on Magneto, check out www.magnetoband.net. Also, keep yer eyes on the gig guides, and you may catch Ryan from Prettymess doing some solo acoustic shows around the place.

23/10/05 - BE INFORMED...
Just announced, Prettymess will be supporting Motorace at their last ever show in Melbourne (yes - if you didn't already know, the Aces are disbanding). The gig will be at the HiFi Bar on Friday 23rd December. Also, Prettymess will be supporting the Church at the Melbourne leg of their acoustic tour - its at the Corner Hotel on 15th December, and yes, we'll be strumming the acoustic guitars on the night as well. Lastly, dont forget the Espy gig this Friday night 28th October. See you there.

17/10/05 - BE UPDATED...
Prettymess will be spending the next few months working on our next album - some songs already having been featured in our live shows. In this time the band will be still playing shows from time to time, but the main focus at the moment will be writing and recording. Keep an eye out for Ryan's solo shows as well. The next Prettymess show will see the band back at the Espy Front Bar on 28th October. Stay tuned...

29/09/05 - SWITCHFOOT
A big thanks to the fellas from Switchfoot (or the Switchies as we like to call them) for having us back for their support - both Hi-Fi Bar show's were rockin. Also, Bendigo fans don't forget the show Saturday night at the Golden Vine with The Sparrows.

19/09/05 - SWITCHFOOT
Prettymess will once again be supporting US band Switchfoot at the Melbourne shows for their current Australian tour. These include an under 18's show then an over 18's show at the Hi-Fi Bar on September 28th.

12/09/05 - NEXT GIG?
Its at the Espy front bar on Friday 16th September with Dave McCormack & The Polaroids, The Sparrows & The Purple Hearts. Prettymess on stage at 10:00pm. See you there.

Just announced - Prettymess will be supporting Sarah McLeod at her solo show at the Evelyn Hotel on Friday 5th August. More details on the gigs page.....

Watch this space for more gigs in Victoria & Tasmania to be announced soon.....

27/06/05 - PRETTY SNOWY
This weekend the Prettymess will be headlining the Dinner Plain Hotel in the Victorian snowfields (Friday night, 1st July, on stage 10pm). After this, provided all limbs are fully functional after a days' skiing, the band will be appearing in Bendigo at the Golden Vine with The Cants (Saturday night, 2nd July, on stage 9pm).

14/06/05 - BENDIGO SHOWS
Bendigo fans have a couple of opportunities to catch the band at the Golden Vine over the next few weeks. The band will be playing at the Golden Vine with Faker 15 June and with The Cants 2 July. Check da gigs page 4 details...

Shonan Beach 78.9FM in Japan are doing a couple of Prettymess features on its Yellow Beat show today, and also on 17/06/05, giving a few tracks from Greyscale Broadcast a spin.

18/05/05 - NEVER LET U DOWN
Keep a listen out for the latest single to be released to radio from the Prettymess album. "Never Let You Down" hits the airwaves this week.....

Prettymess will be donating their time to help raise $$$ to help Tsunami victims this Sunday 20th May @ Loretto College in Ballarat. The band will be playing around 5pm...

17/05/05 - PRESS
Keep up with some of the reviews and feedback for Prettymess on our new Press page - see below...

10/05/05 - YOUR SAY
There's a new feature on our site - if you wanna make any comments or provide any feedback on anything at all, click on "YOUR SAY" down below. Also, if you're not doing anything Friday 13th, the band will be playing at The Espy (Gershwin Room) on stage around 10....

Keep yer eyes on the gigs page for more Prettymess shows soon to be announced in Ballarat, Geelong, Shepparton and of course Melbourne......

Prettymess will be playing the Golden Vine in Bendigo this Thursday night supporting Betchadupa. We'll be on stage around 9:30.....

17/04/05 - PRETTY RAINY
Unfortunately last Thursday's gig at LaTrobe Uni was washed out due to Melbourne's rainy weather (good for the farmers I hear you all say). Fortunately, the band will be back at LaTrobe later in the year on what is hopefully a sunnier day. Anyway, we'll be playing at the Espy this Saturday night in the front bar, and I'm pretty sure it won't be raining in there, so leave yer brolly @ home, and swing on by. We're on stage around 10ish.

11/04/05 - ROCK'N'ROLL
Thanks to all who came to see us play on the weekend in Tassie, as always it was a hoot, and we'll be back as soon as we can. We have a few shows in Victoria in the next few weeks - the next one being a lunchtime show at The Agora @ Latrobe Uni in Bundoora. Stay tuned....

02/04/05 - BACK IN TASSIE
Yep, the band will be heading south again this coming weekend for a show in Launceston at the James Hotel, and then to our second home, the Republic Bar, in Hobart for 2 nights. Details on the gigs page. The band will also be doing a special in-store performance at Aroma Records, 323A Elizabeth St, Hobart on Saturday afternoon (9th April) at 3pm.

25/03/05 - VIDEOS ON LINE
If you missed the video for "Tripping" on rage over the last few weeks, you can now download it, as well as the video for "Recue Me". Links are at the bottom of the home page......

If you're in the Snowy Mountains / Goulburn area, Snow FM 97.7 and Eagle FM 93.5 will be featuring Greyscale Broadcast on Monday night 21 March at 8pm. Catch Johnny chatting about the songs, hear the album in full, and listen out for a chance to win a copy.

Keep yer eyes on rage on channel 2 over the next few weeks, and you'll catch the new video for Tripping. Also, for a big week of gigs throughout Victoria, check out the gigs page.....

07/03/05 - MORE ROCK TO COME
Thanks to all who came to support us for our album launch at the Evelyn. If you missed it, fear not, there's plenty more gigs to follow with Betchadupa, Thirsty Merc, the Fauves, Epicure and more, in Melbourne, Frankston, Ballarat, Bendigo and Hobart over the next few weeks. Check the gigs page for details. PS have you got your copy of Greyscale Broadcast yet?

Unless you've been living in Siberia, you should already know that Prettymess will be headlining the Evelyn (351 Brunswick St, Fitzroy) this Friday night to launch the new album. The band will be hitting the stage at 11:30pm after a special performance from Coxy and the Doctor from the Fauves, and also Deco. Doors open at 9pm. Bring yer buddies!!

Today sees the release of our new album "Greyscale Broadcast". If yer local record store doesn't have it in stock, you can order it from them (its thru Shock records), or if your'e in Melbourne, you can try any JB Hifi store, HMV store, or smaller stores like Gaslight or Polyester. Alternatively, click on the link below that takes you directly to Shock Records......

20/02/05 - SWITCHFOOT
Just announced, Prettymess will be playing the support slot for US rockers Switchfoot this Saturday at The Forum in Melbourne. Keen? Tix are thru Ticketek.....

Also just announced, Prettymess will be making their first ever appearance at a flower show on Monday 14th March (Labour Day Public Holiday in Victoria) at the Ballarat Begonia Festival, supporting Betchadupa. More details to come on that one.....

14/02/05 - ROCK'N'ROLL
A big thanks to all who came out to see the Killing Heidi shows, and to Killing Heidi themselves for a great string of gigs. Also, thanks to Geoff Barnes for his percussional assistance on Saturday night. We're off to Sydney this week, with several shows in Victoria over the coming weeks. 7 days until album release....

07/02/05 - CORRECTION
Please note that the band will not be performing at the Espy on Sunday 13th Feb as previously advertised. This is due to a few logistical issues in getting us four fellas from St Kilda to the Killing Heidi support in Moorooduc in about 2 minutes. Unfortunately our budget does not include supersonic space travel between shows....

03/02/05 - PRETTY HEIDI
Just announced, Prettymess will be playing the support slot for Killing Heidi's Melbourne & Geelong shows next week - 10th - 13th Feb. As usual, check out the gigs page for details.....

Check-out the gigs page for new shows in Victoria, NSW & Tasmania, in support of the pending release of Greyscale Broadcast. There's more to come too.

Prettymess will be taking a ride down the Nepean Highway and contributing to the line-up at this years Frankston Guitar Festival on March 18. More details to come.

Only 3 weeks to go until the official release of the Prettymess debut album, including the singles "Tripping", "All I Care About", "Rescue Me" and several new tracks.

Full track listing:

Leaving Look
Rescue Me
Never Let You Down
All I Care About
The One
Falling Pins

Keep yer eyes out for the new music video for Tripping, by Melbourne director Ago Soldati, coming to a telly near you.

Keep an ear out for the new version of Tripping, released to radio next week. Its been re-mixed and hotted up by Shane O'Mara for the Greyscale Broadcast Album due in a few weeks. New shows to be announced shortly too.

22/12/04 - MESSY X-MAS
On behalf of management & staff of the establishment that is Prettymess, Messy Christmas to all of you. Love to the family too. See you in 2005.

Thanks heaps to all who came to the Espy on Saturday - it was a sweltering evening in the front bar, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Some album news too - we've finally settled on a track listing, a name, and the official release date is now locked in - 21 Feb 2005 sees the release of our debut album "GREYSCALE BROADCAST". Stay tuned for details of some shows around the country around that time. (As usual, Hobart is ahead of the rest of the world, and already has its dates locked in - see gigs page for details)

14/12/04 - ALL WE TALK ABOUT
As you probably know, we will be launching our new single "All I Care About" this Saturday night 18th December at the Espy with Todd Sparrow & Love Outside Andromeda. Prettymess will be on stage at 10pm, and entry is free.

06/12/04 - ROCK ' N 'ROLL
Thanks to all in Hobart who came to see us & The Fauves at the Republic Bar on the weekend. Tassie fans - we should be back around March next year. Melburnians - catch us at the All I Care About single launch on 18th December at the Espy.

New single "All I Care About" is now available as a free mp3 download. Check out that, as well as the "Rescue Me" film clip (in 2 formats) down below.

Don't forget this weekend's gigs at the Republic Bar with The Fauves. See gigs page for details........pauly.

Don't forget, this Friday 26th the band will be playing the opening spot at The Evelyn, on Brunswick St. On stage 9:30pm sharp. See gigs page for details.

08/11/04 - MIXDOWN
Shane O'mara is mixing the new album as we speak, and its sounding great. All is still on track for release Feb 2005. The first single "All I Care About" is hitting the airwaves soon, so stay tuned. Don't forget also up-coming shows in Melbourne & Hobart.

Thanks to all who made it to the Espy show the other night. We dug it too, so much that its the venue we'll be doing our single launch at for "All I Care About" sometime in December. It will be summer, the beer will be flowing, and the Espy front bar rockin. Stay tuned for more info on that.
Tassie fans - we're coming back again (Republic Bar, Hobart), this time with the Fauves. We'll also be playing with the Fauves & Dave McCormack (Evelyn, Melbourne) in November, so check out gigs page for details of those shows.
Lastly, sorry if anyone's had trouble getting the latest Prettymess news via the website - we've had a few problems, but the IT department was quick in fixing 'em up (thanks Geoff), and we're travelling well again. Pauly......

02/10/04 - ALL I CARE ABOUT
The new single "All I Care About", from the forthcoming album will be released later this month. Keep a listen out for it. More later.....

25/09/04 - ESPY SHOW
Well that break didn't last long. The band will be playin' in the front bar at The Espy in St Kilda this Thursday night 30th September on stage around 9pm. Be there. Footy season's over now.

The band is taking a fews weeks away from the live circuit to make the final preparations for the album next year. Its all still on track for Feb next year, but for now we'll just have to settle on the other major new release for the next few months (the new U2 record). Stay in touch for more info.

Prettymess are back at the Evelyn this Friday night 3 September with Silver Night Drive and Ben Birchall (from Klinger). On stage 9:30 pm.....

23/08/04 - WHAT'S NEXT?
Thanks to all who made it to the Republic Bar in Hobart over the weekend, once again it was a great weekend down south. Whats next? A new single in November, some more rockin' shows around the place, and then the big one, a new album and national tour around Feb 2005. Want details? Stay tuned.....pauly.

Don't forget this weekend's gigs at the Republic Bar with Love Outside Andromeda. See gigs page for details........pauly.

27/07/04 - NEW SNAPS
Check out the PICS page for some new photos of the band on recent ventures in SA & Tassie. If you look closely, you may see a bloke that looks remarkably like the bass player, but knows his way around to all the good Adelaide bars (and crusty ones) a bit better than yours truly. Pauly.

Looking for something to do next weekend? Melburnians can catch the band playing at the Ding Dong Lounge Friday 23rd July with SPACE LIKE ALICE. Check out gigs page for details. Much more exciting than Essendon vs St Kilda at the Telephone Dome.

Its true. The band will be back at the Republic Bar in Hobart for 2 special shows with LOVE OUTSIDE ANDROMEDA. Looking forward to that - see the gigs page for details. Also looking forward to another Republic Bar Burger. Get one any way you can - its worth the boat ride.

05/07/04 - LEAVING LOOK
After the success of the first 2 singles, a third will be lifted from the Surface Glow EP. "Leaving Look" was released to JJJ this week, so as usual, if you dig it, request it.

A big thanks to everyone who came to our shows in Tassie, it was certainly a great weekend. Thanks also to The Fauves too for their rockin' sets. Tassie fans stay tuned, as we will be returning to your state within the next couple of months, as well as some more shows in Melbourne.

14/06/04 - BE UPDATED
Here's the latest. After a couple of weeks away from the live circuit, the band will be rockin' at the Evelyn this Friday 18th on stage at 9:30. The following week, Tasmania get ready. Prettymess are coming to your state - check out the gigs page for dates in Launceston & Hobart with The Fauves. The last couple of weeks have been spent in the studio working on tracks for the up-coming debut album. Stay tuned for more info on that. Pauly.

Tune in to Triple M Melbourne for "Planet Rock" from 6pm Sunday evening 23 May to hear Johnny & Pauly chatting with Turbo about various topics, including painting trailers, AC/DC & Tripping.

14/05/04 - PRETTYMESS ON NOVA100
Tune in to Nova100 Melbourne for "Out of Order" from 4pm to 7pm Sunday afternoon 16 May to hear Johnny & Pauly chatting with Andrew G about various topics including mountains, harmonies and snot.

Our "Surface Glow" EP has debuted in the Australian Independent Record Charts at number 20. Yipee!!